Trigger Happy







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Auteur: Steven Poole

Taal: engels
The videogame explosion is not just around the corner; it is already here. A few figures to prove it:

� Videogame sales today have reached near parity with movie ticket sales. P- Sales of game consoles and software in the United States and Europe alone are expected to generate more than $17 billion worth of business a year by 2003. it- The average child in the United States plays videogames forty-nine minutes a day, but video-games are not just for kids: 61 percent of videogamers are eighteen or over, and more than a quarter are over thirty-six. � Videogame players are almost evenly split between men and women. For many, videogames are still viewed as a minor form of entertainment, shallow at best, harmful at worst. In this groundbreaking book, Steven Poole draws on movies, painting, history, and literature to analyze what he calls the "inner life" of videogames. Traveling to Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Cannes, he interviews leading figures in the industry, including Jeremy Smith, head of Core Design (home of Lara Croft), and Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari. Tracing their history in order to predict where they are headed, he argues that videogames are a revolutionary force in popu-lar culture. At the dawn of the twenty-first century. videogames are where movies were at the dawn of the twentieth. With increasing investments of tal-ent, capital, and technological creativity. they will become an art form in their own right.
Steven Poole - Trigger Happy
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